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The 13 part "Rescue" series began by highlighting an incident that must have struck close to home for viewers in the North - a fishing boat in distress.

The real life drama was filmed in 1988, when the seven man crew of the Peterhead fishing vessel "Budding Rose" had to be winched to safety after the vessel began taking water in gale - force conditions 100 miles east of Aberdeen.

An RAF Lossiemouth Sea King was scrambled - and the three hour rescue operation was filmed by award winning cameraman Paul Berriff, who lived and worked with the number 202 Squadron`s helicopter flight for a year to produce the series.

Watching helicopter winchman Bob Pountney being lowered to the deck of the heaving vessel - which was being buffeted by 40ft waves made for compelling viewing as the pilot, Flt Lt. John Prince, stated calmly over the intercom: " There is no hurry, no one is going to be injured on this one so no heroics".

The faces of the Budding Rose crew told the story better than any words as they were winched to safety in the helicopter.

Four hours later - and still more than 100 miles from dry land - the Budding Rose sank.

Twins Peter and Stephen along with the crew of the Budding Rose, highly commended the acts of the helicopter crew on the day of their Rescue and will never forget thier deeds